Mardi 22 mars 2011

Comedy and humor

If all the funny things called gold bangles a sense of humor, then all of the paper to turn into money. Connected to the toilet to wipe ass with the money, it goes without saying that our wealth with Hitler burst Zhangde big mouth to swallow the Earth pinching the plump ambitions comparable to the universe. Of course, we also can direct each of the United States, Bill Gates, the wide shoulder patting, fraternizing with his two brothers well to draw several punches to the whiskey. Means nothing more than play the mens belt fool funny comedy absurd. These means "to engage in" out of laughter, in most cases is a crazy laugh laughing laughter is the squint of the eye crossing the back curve of gas doubled up, twisted intestines fall of the belly, which is forced to the ground laughing Dundao . Of course, will "engage in" a sense of humor who really understand sound sneer. Our comic comedy, drama television, comedy movies, bookstores, humor Daquan nominal busy, press the small beaded bracelets pattern of many of the mini-bar, some self-proclaimed sense of humor or his sense of humor who sealed the "wonderful" article "Fun" talk, can be packaged throw comic absurdity of the baskets into play the fool, all placed under the funny and the like. A funny "engaged", which insulated it with a real sense of humor. The real cause of laughter humor, laughter pearl bracelet is not heavy weight, it is not deliberately to "engage", it's just revel along copies. The roof tiles sonic booms usually do not laugh, not to mention hilarious mad dash almost four walls collapsed. It is a smile a happy smile, is a far consonance interlinked knowing smile, sense of humor who is the true understanding and true sense of humor who will be common across the intrinsic intimate space in the heart with a smile. Humor is humor, a natural disposition who is an accumulation of a deep well cultured smart, is a natural outpouring of wit, humor can be said to be "the highest form of human intelligence" (Lin Yutang language). Smart acheter kamas trip truly natural sense of humor, playful, clever people have barely disguised pleasure; stiff artificial sense of humor Zhise dull, coarse and heavy breathing heavy too crowded people. Humor as rare as the woman's beauty, charm, like beauty, like Peng Xin's not easy to learn science. No sense of humor and want to humor a natural disposition, it would mean no money to go live in five-star hotel's presidential suite, this one is probably easy for us to think that no man's capital may nevertheless it is a Yinanbannv's Health eunuchs confused and grotesque. Modern and Contemporary Literature in China, our buy kamas humor can be described as truly be called capelin Kok Fung. I personally think that only Qian, Liang, Yu Ding three can carry a large sense of humor. Han Han should be able to inherit a rising star in the humorous cause. Apply the "Fortress Besieged" Sun Roujia the word is Qian humor nose "Well," out of the air, the mouth of the literature and humor is "Ha" from the heat. Yu humor it? Hot and cold about dual-use air conditioner, either, "Well" and "Ha" and can itself lead two jobs, one person and when the "two Deva kings." And Han, are busy the past few years seems to Speed, but could not come out again and again throw his sense of humor. Only to see how he will perform, the next assertion. Humor if the assembly line, mass production batch, it will be worthless humor. Since the humor is worth, it shows that humor is not easy production, both difficult to produce, the market for supply of rare dofus powerleveling humor. So funny workshop took the opportunity to infiltration, to produce numerous counterfeit goods, the name of humor under the banner of the consumer wallet dig the humor. The irony is, people trying to sell the dog hanging, many people thought it was chewing a dog show is not the fresh smell of the sheep, was not only shouting applause applause broke throat, but also a slap shot bad, many people have become Humor appreciation maimed for life. Funny so rampant, I am afraid the real sense of humor rare Everbright forward.chj
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Hand, let go

You find it? The feeling fashion earrings of love is always sweet in the beginning, I felt much more a stay, one more person to help you share, you finally no longer alone, because at least one person thinking of you, Lianzhao you, as long as we can be together is good. But slowly, with the deepening of understanding, you begin to discover each other's shortcomings, so the problem one after another, you start trouble, tired, or even want to escape, some say love is like picking silver earrings up stones, always want to pick up a for their own, but how do you know when to pick it? She is suitable for you, then you may also suitable for her? In fact, love should be like grinding Dan Zier, maybe just pick up, you are not quite satisfied, but remember, people are resilient, many things can be changed as long as you determination, courage, and their pick hair clip around unknown stone, not as to what we already have a stone polished finish, you start to wear it? Many people think that because of the feelings faded, people would become lazy, in fact, were the first to be inert to conquer, feeling lazy slowly pale. At a dinner occasion, it was suggested to eat more shrimp on the body good, this time there is a middle-aged man suddenly said: "Ten years ago, when my wife or my girlfriend, she said eat ten shrimp, I stripped twenty to hair stick her. Now, if she wants me to help her peel shrimp shell, is simply a joke, I did not even help her interest in their food, and also peeling shrimp shell it. " No wonder more and more people want to talk about love, life, has refused to marriage. Because, marriage easy to become lazy. If everyone is too lazy to talk, listen too lazy, too lazy to create a surprise, too lazy to tenderness, then between husband and wife, how would not drift apart gradually silent it? So remember, love is the dynamic heart necklace needs of hospitality appropriate to irrigate, and love, is not lazy. There is a couple, similar to the meal after work, shopping, but the girls because the company delayed the meeting, when she arrived at the time the rain had more than 30 minutes late, her boyfriend was upset and said: "You're always so Now I did not feel anything, and I will no longer waiting for you! "Suddenly, the girl's heart burst its banks collapsed, she was thinking: Perhaps, they never the future. Similarly, in the same place, another couple cosplay outfits is facing the same situation, when the girl arrived late for half an hour, her boyfriend said: "I think you too busy now?" Then his girl wipe the face of rain, and take off his jacket draped over the girl who, at the moment, the girl was warm and happy tears. You come to understand it? In fact, in our love and hate often only an idea! Tolerance not only to know how to love better in time, a lot of things may just change that fills your heart. If someone fell in love with you, and cosplay Wigs you think he good, that does not mean that you would choose him. We always said: "I will find love love the people, will fall in love." But when the other person ask you, what makes love love, you can not answer him, because you do not know. Yes, we always thought that we would love to find a man she loved. But later, when we suddenly look back and realized how he had been naive. If never started, how do you know she will love love that person? In fact, love the feeling, is to experience a lot of things together until after discovery. Everyone wants to find their own favorite partner hundred percent, but have you ever thought of textile dyes someone at your side as early as you pay for a long time in silence, but you do not find it. So, still a closer look at the people around you, he might have been waiting for you a long time. When you love someone, love to just eight absolute good. All the expectations and hopes are only Qi Bafen, and the remaining two or three points to love yourself. If you continue to love even more, is likely to result in heavy pressure on the other side, so that each breath, completely lost the love of fun. So remember, drink no more than six drunk, eat no more than seven full, love a person no more than eight. If you are confused for love, the following passage may be able to give you some inspiration: love a person, to Basic dyes understand but also open solution; to apologize also thanks; to admit also error correction; to be understanding and considerate; is acceptable not endure; is tolerant and not condoned; is to support, not dominate; is sympathy, not questioned; is talk, not a complaint; is memorable but not forgotten; is communicate with each other and not explain everything; is silent pray for each other rather than to each other many requirements. Can be romantic, but do not waste, do not casually hand, not to let go.chj
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About you, about him, about love, about life <1>

People in this life is nothing pandora beads more than love, family, friends, career - life. And life is nothing more than leading a poor Youyanjiangcu tea is as simple is so complex. Just about everyone in the living law of life with expectations and requirements are different, each person's situation, not the same experience and harvest it. All had just as simple and plain, not always what a grand thing, always to make our move. From ancient times, each time is so very thick. Because it is really simple, nothing exciting is the blessing. If God gave you an angelic face, is to let you know what is the United States, to enjoy the beauty of the mass, but his plans will never be otherwise; God to give you an enviable family is to for you to know pandora bracelet how his hard-won, and not to squander your parents wanton hard work; God gives you a stand out in a field of industry or talent, but also just want you to benefit the people of the world, rather than have self-serving; God if gives you a mediocre life, it is just want you to understand that many things are not Shoudaoqinlai, but will work hard to get through the hard work; God to give you a crippled if the United States, it was not his intent torture you, but just want you to be more strong and survive, they want you to understand your existence more meaning than others, to find the real part of your life, not for you to fall to decadence, to indulge to extinction. If God did not give you anything, please pandora necklace do not worry, because you have to do is step by step forward, because he will give you something, is waiting in front of you, only you step by step against the past, you will find something you really belong, in fact, ready for you early on, but do not forget the premise, but do not forget to work hard to fight. Never feel that you are abandoned, abandoned, they do not think you're worse than others, but it belongs to you yet to come. Do not think it is just the comfort you, because you have not to that place, everything is too early, so never give up choice, do not give up giving up the pace of progress. Where are you are waiting for you, if you can not reach, that can only be pre-empted by others, maybe you will not have any chance. Please do not rest on its laurels, please do not belittle, please do not complain, but please do not fall from, to a will ruin your Kayak paddle life path, maybe now you never regret it, maybe you think your life is still good, what to what can be . But in the end you always go in, there will be the day that you regret, just matter of time, nothing more. On the girl, the first point is you love yourself, because they do not self-love is not the boy the girl would go really love you. If he and together, only there are other purposes, the answer only on yourself, because you have still something he wants. If you have played the first boy cheat your feelings, does not matter, he was just rubbish, if you will do anything for him I am sorry their own thing, it can only prove your ignorance and shallow, more students will keep you chilled the hearts of your parents ; if there will be the second boy cheat your body, it does not matter, because his reward is not far off, but you do not see, and you have to do is make good on their own, not hurt them in that, he moved to back, because that is useless, once he decided to leave you, never go back; If there is a third boy to make the same thing to you, not sad, because the woods too much, what kind of birds are , should learn to Sculling Oars forgive, is his shameless and sophisticated character still owe, and you do not have the slightest relationship, you have to do is to do things on hand, continue to wait for the next one, eventually there will be one who really loves you , you need to have patience; if the boy will go to deceive your feelings or body, then the more it does not matter, because you have all this spectacle, and even do not have to give him a slap in the face, you do not care will let him ignore feel that their useless and nausea. But you have to learn to treat yourself, do not smoke, do not drink, not to stay up all night, lonely river, once breached, will run out, not what you got out of control, so you want to highlight the time of his smothered in the cradle. Do not think that the world ever since in the absence of a good man, while from its own way, crazy fan of one-night stand, bar, Diba, a variety of occasions to go, because Stand Up Paddle people here did not usually a few good things, but you certainly may have lets you meet will not be so lucky. Perhaps you feel that you were so good, of what is meaningless, what are also looking to open it, it only shows the simplicity of your thoughts. Because that day is usually not too long, people will always old, and tired of your man will go to another woman, because you only the fun only. Maybe not in the will or the few who go there love you, love you, or dare, and the last injured, or your own, maybe one day you will marry, but not the people you love, will not love you people can only say you are what they need it. Do not envy his side never looked for a girl or SUP paddle a wealthy lover, and ever after on the fear of abject poverty, because you only see the good side of her fame, but the bitterness behind only regret you have only tried . Never trust a man who married you that I will divorce to marry you, want you to wait for him. Because too many such stories, and hero is usually not many have a good paddle end. A no-brainer, direct him to roll, if you want to wait for, maybe you can wait until the next life might get, even if you wait, it will break his family, though not dead, but it is no longer your That was love him. He had loved his wife are true, then only that one day he would be so different for you. What is not going to miss when you degrades its own, but I'm sorry the family, the men will only take you as cable protection pipe a plaything, it can be said to be a plaything. When you always go, there may be some intimate sister by your side, but also next to no anyone. When you get over when a few people will envy of so and so from the heart to be nurturing the students to open a BMW, and some only look down mind of disdain and contempt for it. chj
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About you, about him, about love, about life <2>

Of course you have to do frp pipe not just need to find how much I love you, but for you to find a man who support it you, for you need to worry, but do not have anything else you tube . You can also struggle to choose someone with, but only if you see this man worth his while to give up your worry-free life, if the value, you can do, if you do not have confidence or feel worth, then, even if the , or find the person you can raise it. But no matter how absolutely not when the third, not as a lover, not when the lady. Because you will regret it sooner or sand pipe later, perhaps you would say in order to survive, but I would say 360 lines, very best, I did not seen an able-bodied people can not live on their own hands, but do miss. Picking up trash than you, perhaps, a live full. You may laugh, how much they, how pathetic sad. Personality count ass, not valuable. Dwelling where the algae is the best example, but so unlucky as he is absolutely rare. And you just chose to give up, select the fall, "a cup" only their own taste. So you do choose to go, what you really want to live, once chosen, in manhole cover this life should not, because there is no regret to buy drugs. Do not think I'm just easier said than done, because it already has too much warning, but also every person must know how to reason, just hope that every girl can have less regret, because the girls are like water, do not cry a lot beautiful. On the boy, I want to say very little. Just hope you treat your girlfriend, because maybe one day she'll be your wife. Parents will eventually leave you, the children will eventually go their lives. And you can always stay around that person, can only be your wife, to grow old with you the only person she can, and you walk into the tomb with only her, who never betray you never just her. For Anime conventions such a person, if you sorry for her, do you think you or the person you think he is still a man, do not you think that blush, do not you feel ashamed of it? Do you still alive? Quickly find nobody is to die. Do not you think you're dead space, living a waste of RMB? Of course, you will say God money, want to do what, it will only prove your ignorance and low moral. Money than you, than you people in this world to go to the Shanghai. Do not arrogant, have behaved, do not impose on pearl necklace others, we should remember that people beyond there is day outside, you just a grain of sand in the sea, have you no you are the same. Do not feel that they have Jigexiuqian to be deliberately playing with any woman. Perhaps you succeeded, because the world has these many people are born for the money, but to accompany you through life who really cares about your woman, you will not find in this life. Do not think that money can Shengge day, all day basking in the gentle countryside, good to remember that vertical brothel dream, difficult to assign affection. If you do not mind, then you can roll, because I absolutely deaf ears. About good enough, if you think you good enough for cross pendant her or him, is really no need, you can only say good enough for you himself. If you have confidence, determination and what it can not do it. Want to do one thing can have a million ways, do not want to do there is a million excuses, this is far fetched. Because I have a bedroom buddy, his girlfriend is not good enough for him that, so to break out. But she really know how my buddy love her? She did not know. My buddy only his heart knows the pain, because more than a year now, and I know he is still a person. Just because she would not believe me buddy you will do all he can for her to do. But she chose engagement rings to give up, maybe a lifetime of regret in this life only. If the confidence that there will be another ending. Boys, too, have felt good enough for those who can not afford to love, it is just you and escape for their own incompetence excuse. If you feel that you have not late, you do not want to regret it, then please courage on your side that she say I can give you a lifetime of happiness, maybe not now, but it must be coming in the future every day. If she is willing, then bless you, you're lucky, because you can find people over a lifetime with you, and bless her, because she found a suspicious person in life entrusted. May married lovers the world, but by no means rich. Perhaps there are a lot of regret and crystal jewelry things that will shake your choice, it is now time to choose, or happiness, or can go to fall, or lead a zombie-like life, only choice is yours only. Maybe you still love the pain of everyone doing the tough choices, if he for you, you can stick to, if you think it is worth, you can adhere to. But we must remember that you love yourself, because you did not let themselves and their parents, as well as those who love you. About love, about life, in fact, so simple is so complex. But as long as you carefully to find, there is a strong heart, then your own aromatic and bitter, is the front waving to you, is waiting in front dofus kamas pas cher of you. Remember, you can go to selection. Rather than to others, and drift, buried himself in this big vat where their own happiness to themselves to seek, to work hard. Have a life to accompany you, you can have peace of mind from life, life will be wonderful, will feel full, will have a hard target, because: Hill is not high, but the immortal soul; water is not deep, Zeling; Sri Lanka was a simple room with your German (have) Xin.chj
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Brother sister did this on their own <1>

Town has a fool, not born turn roller that, 5 years old in a gas poisoning incident, only he survived, and his father slept in the house with the exhaustion of the last effort of pushing him out the door let go away, and since then, he only smiled innocently, whether happy or sad, is said to suffered a brain injury. A fool with a beautiful mother and sister, he always asked *** Mom, where his father, and *** mother told him: father died, he became the stars in the sky, He does in heaven watching us. Fool lying in the yard every night achat dofus kamas the stars on the lawn, watching silly laugh. Fool 11 years old, loves his mother died because of kidney disease, dying to tell a fool to take care of his sister, his sister was 6 years old. Simple-minded fool would laugh, but also to the stars every night, he said one more stars in the sky, that is his mother, next to his father. In the well-intentioned people with the help of a simple fast food fool swing stand, make sandwiches, stands not far from her sister's school. A fool at home, was never afraid to achat kamas enter his sister's room, because my sister hates him, his sister was not mind having such a stupid brother, but he likes to lie on the door looked at her sister's sister school, every time my sister found him, he is like the children do something wrong, like hiding, and then silly laugh, do not know are happy or sad. Fool's up early every morning to the sister are good breakfast and then go to work in fast food stalls. The only hobby is looking at the stars at night. . . Fool craft good sandwiches do the same as the restaurant, school teachers and students like to go to his stall to buy breakfast, but do not know a fool who has a beautiful sister in school, because her sister is mind others know that her brother a fool is a fool only silly laugh, whether sad or happy. Stupid work very hard, but he never spend buy dofus kamas money, who do not know why the money he so desperately. When work often fool hand injury, his shoes are often the lack of one, my sister looked at would say: cut a dish will hurt hand, shoes will be lost, how not to lose yourself! What a fool! After listening to a fool or a silly laugh, do not know are happy or sad. . A fool to go home every night before going to bed in a little book will write a few words, curious to see her sister, but always a fool not to give her, finished to hide, and my sister tried several times was found. . Finally, he cheap kamas does not care about what to write in a Fool 17 years old, when my sister has been on the junior high school, fool's stall has moved to a place not far from the sister school, sold daily breakfast, walked around the school, who is always wearing a very old and dirty clothes, his shoes are always a small one, but when his work will be decent, ultra wear aprons, still only silly laugh. One day, in the stalls selling breakfast since the two female students is waiting to hear about his sister's name, said she was a bad morning to look after the class, the severe back pain. After hearing a fool to stay for a while, then suddenly called out my sister's name, dropping the hands of the work to the school ran, he shouted so loudly that my sister's name, crossed the schools and teachers asics onitsuka tiger to block the guard went to his sister classroom, and then to see my sister lying on the desk, his face sallow, cold sweat dripping, this time without the silly smile fool, his face was actually worried, shouting the name of her own sister, sister, go out into the hospital running. He ran a school teacher asked him: What do you do? She quickly put down! Fool hold in the red with anger face: her. . . Is my sister, me. . Is her brother. Fool all the way to repeat this sentence near the school carrying a sister went to asics running shoes the hospital, school teachers and students are very surprised because she had never heard of his brother. . Fool in the ward sister looked outside, she woke up, while the fool has stayed outside in the ward 3 days 3 nights. Medical treatment that her doctor told her: Do not worry, your brother has medical expenses you are ready. Difficult to look up his sister to the outside fool brother, sleepless eyes of some questions. Fool this time has returned to normal, silly in front of his sister laugh, but not the door. The doctor said his sister, he often went to asics shoes the fool a long time ago Mai Zaodian stall, he has been working very hard to know a fool, a fool never knew money had always wondered what a fool earn so much money, until Today, he finally understood. Because fools carrying his sister found him crying: Mama. . Is one such death. . . Please. . Save the sister. . Me. . Do my sister die! Fool's mother had told a fool alive, his sister has a serious kidney disease, be sure to take good care of his sister. . . . Her illness doctors told her sister needs a kidney transplant, the cost of a kidney transplant has to pay his brother a fool enough, but have not found the right kidneys. The doctor told my sister that her sister's illness when the dofus kamas fool needs a kidney transplant, when to and shouted to him: to use. . . Me. . I was her. . Brother, but the test results is a fool's kidney is also inappropriate, stupid to know the result, look very depressed, to have said: I am. . Her brother ah. Doctors understand the meaning of a fool: I'm her brother, my kidney to her sister how to not-for- Still looking at a fool in the ward sister outside, silly smile.chj
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Brother sister did this on their own <2>

At this point my sister has been kamas pas cher in tears, watching the door that had always been ashamed of her stupid brother, with a weak voice said to him: What do you stand outside the door, how does not come. Stay for a fool, Qieqie said: me. . . Come in? Sister, smiled and nodded with tears. To fool hands behind her sister's bedside, hands behind his sister asked him why, and bent to look at his hand, a fool will hand out, hand bandaged, shoes, and only one, that is sister to the hospital in the delivery linked to the way the way hands are scratched, lost a shoe also ran. Also as before, his sister said: how stupid, ah, then injured his hand and shoes will be lost! Only this time that he is only when the eyes full of tenderness and heartache. . . This is the first time after he acheter des dofus kamas became a fool in his sister permission to enter her room. . Time passed, and her sister's disease become more serious, from time to time into a coma. . . In the tireless efforts of dedicated doctors, the right kidneys finally found, surgery was very successful, and my sister was finally rescued from the hands of death came back, but she woke up but did not see the familiar goofy smile goes . . . The doctor told her that her brother to pay her medical expenses, to a distant place to work, and so she made a full recovery to come pick her up, told her to ease recovery. . Every few days my sister will receive a letter acheter des kamas crooked writing, that is her brother wrote her a fool, the content is very simple and the same: I'm good, you have a good rest and recuperation. . . Discharged the day, a fool not to the hospital to pick up my sister, my sister received only doctors had given her hair a lovely bear, bird feet down the bear with a little blood actually. . . The doctor told her that because of the cost of delivery is only enough to fool her kidney transplant, the hospital costs for so long a lot of fools in order to pay her hospital fees, daily breakfast in addition to selling to do, but also look for other jobs, as long as things to make money even if it is all to do the dig dung. Fool to the hospital to see the doctor when acheter dofus kamas his sister a kidney to find the good news fool, he is still silly smile, the doctor actually very polite bow, and then with the doctor, said: me. . Give sister. . Buy a gift. . And so on. . Sister. . Wake up. . Send her Fool dragged his exhausted body, happy go to the store to buy only the white hair bear. . . May be too tired in a trance, he was on the way back to the hospital when crossing the road by a speeding car Zhuangfei, sent to the hospital in a coma, but still grasping the hands of the bear bag dress down, the blood down the hand bear feet, dripping onto the villi. . . Went away, the doctor said: bear. cell phone charms . . To. . Sister, and then leave the silly smile, and do not know that he is sad or happy. . . . The doctor told my sister, who is believed to mimic his handwriting written by a fool, and he said he certainly did not want to let you know that fool has not recovered in time to the news that he had gone, the doctor said he wanted to help fulfill his wish of fool, so write the letters. . . Sister, blankly holding a white bear hair, a long time did not say anything, she was back home in silence The house is very simple, but clean up is very christmas jewelry neat, especially the younger sister's room, than she was at home but also neat, but the surface of furniture, has cast a thin layer of dust, desk stands a potted plant, flowers very bright open in the pot next to a very pretty card sheets, line with line crooked face words: Welcome home sister! Fool in the know when my sister recovered soon in preparation for my sister home! Only this time, she could no longer hear that silly laughter! My sister's room to fool, fool's possessions in order when she has been found that little book you want to see That book still leaves an sandwiches taste, the above is a fool to leave the crooked writing: My sister likes to sleep late, get up early crystal bracelets in the time to light, do not wake her My sister does not like to eat sandwiches the morning, like instant noodles, to get up early to go give her good work Do not like my sister into her room, do not like me away from her too close, without her consent can not enter her room My sister does not like people to know I'm her brother, do not let her students know that I was her brother Sister, poor health, but we can not let her know that she has with her mother's illness as I want to save money crystal necklace to my sister ... ... Sister finally cured the disease Sister holding a small book fool crying aloud Since then, my sister every night like a fool before, like lying on the lawn of the courtyard stars, but stars the addition of one, it was her stupid brother, next to his father and mother, They are in heaven with her.chj
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